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LGBT in Los Angeles

Everyone is said to have a sexual orientation of some kind. Individuals who are attracted to the same sex have a homosexual orientation, while those who are attracted to the opposite sex are identified as heterosexual. It is important to note that every individual is different and that sexual orientation can fall on a spectrum of preferences – including attraction to
both sexes, which is commonly referred to bisexuality.The LGBT community often seeks psychiatric support to learn how to manage their sexuality and gender identities on an individual, relational and social basis. Same-sex attraction, bisexual attraction and gender identity are not mental disorders or diseases that need treatment. However, social discrimination and pre-conceptions still exist, creating obstacles for LGBT individuals to overcome on a daily basis.

Support for Family Members of Lesbians, Gay Men, Bisexuals and Transgenders

When a member of the LGBT community comes out to close family members, the process can be emotionally complex for those affected. Parents of gay children, as well as children of gay parents, may need support from a licensed psychiatrist to cope with the changes that are imminent. In some cases, psychotherapy may help these individuals manage the challenges associated with social stigmas that surround be related to a member of the LGBT community.


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