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Couple & Marital Issue

It is not unusual for couples to experience relationship issues, which is why millions of Americans seek professional couple and marital issues therapy every year. Professional evaluation of marital issues may identify the source of conflict lies within one or both partners.

There are many problems that may cause issues within a marital or otherwise committed relationship, including:

  • Sexual discontent
  • Frequent disagreements
  • Unresolved conflicts
  • Loss of interest in relationship
  • Infidelity
  • Tension with other family members
  • Parenting inconsistencies

Seeking the professional advice of a psychiatrist means that you are placing your relationship under the care of a clinical professional. Psychiatrists are trained to help couples with behavioral, emotional and mental issues that recur throughout the course of the relationship. They can also help identify physical conditions and illnesses, such as chemical and hormonal imbalances, that may be contributing to conflict within a relationship.


Treatment options for couples experiencing relationship problems vary depending on the extent of the dissension and the cause of the problem. Often, issues are effectively managed with individual and couples therapy, and occasionally, with certain medications.

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